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Our focus at Avoid Pty Ltd

Is to find solutions that AVOID  high cost accidental damages often associated with forklift and other heavy plant operations

We like to work where reducing cost and damage to facilities, material and product and Avoiding litigation are all a serious concern.

We specialize in the chemical, paint, coverings, and hazardous product industries where spillage is a concern, as well as industries that handle metal and timber panels, costly metal and paper rolls, and factories, postal services, and freight centres where product moves quickly. Our mission is to introduce affordable and innovative products and practices that minimize the financial loss and human suffering caused by forklift accidents, which on a global scale result in approximately 100 serious injuries and deaths per day, with an estimated average cost of reparations at around $188,000 per incident.

At AVOID, our mission statement is to introduce industry to inventive, simple and affordable products and practices which are “game changers” in minimizing the financial loss associated with forklift accidents and in that way, significantly reduce human suffering and lower that frightful 100 persons each day figure.

The Backbone (TM) 

recommended  Product

A forklift underride accident can have serious consequences, both for the affected employee and their family and for the company in terms of costs and reputation. To prevent such accidents, we strongly recommend implementing “The Backbone,” a protective guard, on all stand-up forklifts and reach trucks used in areas where underrides are possible. Not only will this help ensure the safety of your operators, it can also help protect your business from the high costs and negative impacts of workplace injuries. If you are using stand-up forklifts and reach trucks and have not yet implemented “The Backbone,” we recommend speaking with your safety experts and operators to assess the need for this important safety measure. As always, it is better to be proactive in ensuring the safety of your workplace.

According to the US National Safety Council, the costs of work-related injuries can be as high as $1,220,000 per death and $42,000 per medically consulted injury. These costs not only impact the employer, but also society as a whole.


Avoid is currently consulting with a number of companies that offer amazing products and services that improve productivity and safety in the workplace. Please tell us about your needs  and problem areas as we are happy to source solutions for you.

Forklift Tyne (TINE, Fork)  ProductS

We work with a global company that specializes in producing forklift tyne solutions. They already have a wide range of existing “state of the art” products and are eager to work directly with companies, like yours, to find solutions for your specific challenges. Let us introduce you?

AVOID Pty Ltd is the agent for BackBone® products in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Latin American countries.

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