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Our focus at Avoid Pty Ltd

Finding solutions that AVOID  high cost accidental damages often associated with forklift and other heavy plant operations

We like to work where there is a mix of pedestrian and high activity machinery, and where reducing damage cost to facilities, material and product and AVOIDing litigation is a serious concern.

We mainly look to apply our solutions in…

  • The chemical, paint, coverings and hazardous product industries … where spillage is a major consideration,
  • Industries which move metal and timber panels … where scratch and dent damage is a critical consideration,
  • Manufacturing industries which handle costly metal and paper rolls… where damage to those rolls are a critical cost consideration, and
  • In factories, postal services and freight centres …where product moves fast,

Every day, on a global basis, the Forklift Industry alone accounts for approximately 100 serious injuries and often death. Incidents resulting in property , material and product losses is an even higher number. The estimated average cost of reparations after each incident has been estimated by others at about US$188,000

At AVOID, our mission statement is to introduce industry to inventive, simple and affordable products and practices which are “game changers” in minimizing the financial loss associated with forklift accidents and in that way, significantly reduce human suffering and lower that frightful 100 persons each day figure.

AVOID Pty Ltd is the agent for BackBone® products in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Latin American countries.

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